Jolly Phonics Trainings (Beginners and Advance)
Pre-School and Primary Teachers
An intensive Jolly Phonics trianing for teachers by certified Jolly Phonics Trainers. The program can be designed for 1 day or 2 days depending.... READ MORE
Basic Language and Communication Skills
Effective communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Effective speaking Stress and Intonation Basic Grammar... Read More
Creative Facilitation Techniques
All Teachers
Questioning Skills, Project Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, Learning Styles Differentiation..... READ MORE
21st Century Skills
All Teachers
Thinking Classroom, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking ,Communication, Collaboration, Classroom use of 6 Hats and other Lateral Thinking.... READ MORE
All Teachers
Orientation, Bloom's Taxonomy - Cognitive domain, Lower Order Thinking and Higher Order..... READ MORE
Introductory Course on Synthetic Phonics
Pre-School and Primary Teachers
The Introductory Course lets you in on the secrets that have consistently made Fitzroy Community School one of Australia’s top ranking primary.... READ MORE
Project Based Learning
ALL Teachers
Project-based learning is a teaching approach that engages students in learning by doing. Projects are organized .... READ MORE
Action Research
All Teachers
Action research is a process in which practitioners examine their own educational practices systematically and .... READ MORE
Cooperative Learning Strategies.
All Teachers
Cooperative Learning Strategies emerged as a by-product of social constructivism. They are instructional arrangement for teaching academics and collaborative skills\...... READ MORE
Constructivism as a paradigm for teaching and learning.
All Teachers
The recent educational policy documents in India have all recommended a paradigm shift in teaching and learning. The mode of transaction of..... READ MORE